New Video: Istoria Domin

Video made on iMovie with voices made by Lyn Anito and Zero! Lyn was in our first workshop in February 2006. Now she has a part time position with Red Cross in Suai. Anito and Zero are newcomers – and their talents came into the fore at Suai Loro Beach on the last day when I taped them singing and playing their guitar….you have to wait for that one. Meantime enjoy this and you can thank Annie Sloman for the inspiration to get everybody to make this song comic and give the video the zip it has now. They didn’t believe her it would work until they did it and everybody was pleased.

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2 Responses to “New Video: Istoria Domin”

  1. hey imi ne’e, imi diak ka lae? haluha hau ona ka? sei halo upload nafatin? asyik los agora ho foto no film. Imi matenik los hey!
    okay komprimentos ba hotu!

  2. Obrigada barak Annie Hau la bele komprende saida ita kolia 🙂 maibe ida ideia diak hakerek anyway! ha..Balthasar bele tradus istoria estudante ho hakerek english website – so Hau contente ! .. Hau halo banner Centro Juventude ohin – hmm so it should be up soon!