You can become an Author or a Contributor on Suai Media Space subject to the conditions of the User Agreement and acceptance by members of the Suai Media Space Communities. That is, if you request Author or Contributor status we will ask people associated with the Friends of Suai in Suai and Port Phillip and the Cova Lima Youth Centre if you are known to them or if you are trusted friends in our networks. We run the website on a shoestring and do not have the resource to adjudicate a site. We ask for your understanding in this policy. Your Privacy is also respected and you can see our Privacy Policy here. The User Agreement is presently only available in English.

Authors and Contributors

A user can become a registered Author (”author”) or Contributor (”contributor’) of the website by asking. If you are accepted you will have a password protected account. You will be required to select a user name and password when registering to become an Author or Contributor. You must become an Author or Contributor before placing any content on the Suai Media Space website although you are free to upload anything to the Suai Media Space Social Network on signing the agreement on that site when you join. Suai Media Space reserves the right to refuse any user name that it decides at its sole discretion is inappropriate.

If you are a registered contributor or Author click here for English instructions about how to upload your story and click here for Tetun Instruksaun. (tetun to be uploaded) NB. 30th Sept. 09 instructions in process of being edited because an upgrade of site has changed the layout in the back end.)

If you have further question you can Contact Us.