History, Culture and Identity of the Communities in the Friendship

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Cova Lima Suai – East Timor

Suai is the largest town in the district now known as Cova Lima on the border of West Timor. It is on the Eastern side of the island known  variously as: Timor Leste (Current, Portuguese – official name), East Timor (English) or Timor Loro Sa’e (Timor of Rising Sun – Traditional name). Timor was one island until it was colonised and divided into two by the Dutch and Portuguese in 1859.  Balthasar Kehi philosopher and intellectual, who is a member of the Friends of Suai Committee, explains the real political and cultural meaning of the names and a short history of Koba Lima and Suai here.

The island of Timor is North-West of Australia separated from Australia by the Timor and Arafura Seas is our closest neighbour and friend. A friendship that goes back to history, in particular WW2. It is the oil reserves in the Timor Sea that caused …. map, video documentary ‘Black Bullion’ and more …

Traditional Culture is thriving in East Timor and is to be found in all aspects of Timorese life such as architecture, weaving, dance and music to name a few. Click on the images above for more stories about these subjects depicted in them.  Timorese often combine Christian beliefs with animist beliefs and ceremonies. Tetun Terik is the traditional language of Cova Lima. Read and view more about language here. See more in photographs and video here in Traditional Culture.

Map of East Timor Suai

Covalima East Timor