Suai Youth

The youth are the future of any nation and they are crucial for its future. Ergilio is the Co-ordinator of the Cova Lima Youth Centre. You can click on his image to contact him or to find out more about Ergilio. The Covalima Youth Centre is the home of the Suai media group YoMaTre.  The youth in Suai are in dire need of work and wage-earning skills. A major purpose of Suai Media Space is to feature the work of the youth of Suai, to build an audience and global networks to support their culture, and to find friends that can help skills development for the future.

Chamot is the Co-ordinator of the media group YoMaTre which began with the help of the Friends of Suai in 2006.  You can click on Chamot’s image to contact him or to find out more about Chamot on his profile page.You can learn so much more about the youth of Suai and make friends directly by joining the Suai Media Space social network where nearly 200 young people are uploading photographs, music and videos. See Chamot’s website by clicking this link.

Photographs below are of workshop classes 2006, 2008 & 2009. You can see their stories, photographs and videos by clicking on the images or go to workshops page here.

YoMaTre  organise access and training for local youth in media as well as contributing stories to a Timorese on-line news service.You can check out their work here and under the Youth Media menu or you can visit them on the social network.

You can find out more about Chamot by clicking on his image that will take you to his social network profile where there is music, videos and photos he has uploaded. Or you can see two of his videos here:

Suai youth are creative and their creativity and artisic activities appear everywhere we turn in Suai. You can see much more here under culture.