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POETRY – Writer/Hakerek from/iha – Suai: Click here to see his little book of poetry... Chamot


Writers from Dili who are friends of the documentary-maker and many others inside and outside East Timor.

Filomena dos Reis ‘Long Journey to Independence’ / Dalan Naruk ba Independensia

Pedro Lebre: Timor Timor Meu Berco de Incocente ho Tersu ho Kruz Hasou Funu Baluk – 12 Novembru



‘The Hand’ or ‘Tangan’ by Melchiore dias Fernandes or Melli lead singer of popular band ‘Galaxy’. Featured in the asia and pacific writers network website following Melli’s attendance at Sydney Writers Week and the Darwin Festival in 2006. Included not because he is from Suai – he is from Los Palos – but because he has become a friend of Suai on the way.


Click the images above for Stories from Suai Youth written in On-line writing workshops in June 2008 in English & Tetun.



Click the thumbnail image to link to Step by Step, Women of East Timor Stories of Resistance and Survival edited by Jude Conway 2010.

Pedro Lebre more to come …





Paul Stewart singing at the launch of the Friends of Suai

Paul Stewart is brother of journalist Tony Stewart who died at Balibo in 1975 alongside three other journalists killed when Indonesian invaded East Timor. Paul became well known in the solidarity movement in Melbourne for bringing music and humour to the serious business of working for independence for East Timor between 1975 and 1999,  You can read more about this here. In 2009 Paul won a first prize in the Essence of St Kilda short story competition. The story gives an insight into the wartime history of St Kilda in Port Phillip through stories told to Paul by his father and grandfather who lived opposite the Peanut Farm, adjacent to Luna Park but also to the history of music in St Kilda from his experiences as a music follower but also as a member of the famous Victorian punk band the ‘Painters and Dockers. You can read it here. You can here Paul singing in his punk band Die Yuppie Die here.