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Click on the images below to take you to the categories named in the rollovers. 2000 Wiranto-F-Indonesian-'00Melancholy-GirlDonald-DuckPancasila Public-ArtSergio-stencil-artGuns-&-RosesOsama-&-Khomeini Alfredo 2008,  Che Guevara 2008, Guns & Roses 2006, Osama  2004 2000 (below) betray.jpgwe-love-you-militaryMaun-AlinKepada PortugueseAust-Blood-OilHey-Ozzie 2008 (above) 09-Graffiti-Suai-Loro 2009 Suai Loro Design to use a one column template with A GRID pf images relating to each year for click through to further content. Article Art & Architecture or Arte ho Arquitetura