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A collection of Interviews give some insight into some of the important moments and people in the history of Australia’s relationship with East Timor and the  friendship between Suai and Port Phillip.

The first in the series looks at World War 2 through the eyes of Rufino Correia.  ‘Recollections of a Criado’ is an interview with the last surviving ‘criado’ in East Timor, who worked as a servant for Lt.Tom Nisbet who passed away in April, 2003. For more introduction and series synopsis.

Recollections-of-CriadoJapanese Invasion Ep 2Buffalo-Shooting-Ep-3Buffalo-Shooting-Ep-3.2Thy-Wish-Ep-4.1The-Raid-on-Dili-Ep-4.2

For more about World War 2 and what a ‘criado’ means in the stories of World War 2 in East Timor.


Melli Lead Singer Galaxy

Interview on video with popular East Timorese Band ‘Galaxy’ lead singer Mellchiore des Fernandes (Melli) about the power of music to move the enemy and other relevant stuff.

For more music and more stories

For a short story ‘The Hand’ or ‘Tangan’ written by Melli in English or Tetun on the Asia and Pacific Writers Network website.

felix-adriano-preserving-culture1This short oral history interview with Senor Felix Adriano a carpenter in East Timor Suai, subtley conveys the impact of colonialism and the international competition for rights to the oil and gas reserves  in the Timor Sea on the life and language of a Timorese who was born in to Portuguese Timor. Senor Felix lived through the Indonesian invasion and saw Independence arrive in 1999, only to suffer further through the Suai Church Massacre until there came a time when his skills came to the fore again in the re-building of Suai.