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Recollections of a Criado – Episode 4.1 – Thy Wish

In this episode Rufino relates a story about the reactions of the Liurai or king of Remexio, when he arrives one day with Tom Nisbet and his Company.

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3 Responses to “Recollections of a Criado – Episode 4.1 – Thy Wish”

  1. the last video wont work and only half of this video works. Very interesting article and so good to get 1st hand accounts. This man is an inspiration!

  2. Hi Myron,

    Thanks for letting me know. I just played this one right through. It takes a while to stream down perhaps the problem with this one. I have identified the problem with the other one and I’ll fix it now. cheers Jen

  3. Myron – 4.2 link is working now. Enjoy. I’m thrilled to hear from somebody who appreciates it.