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Documentaries: Short documentaries that have been authored by the documentary-maker. The-Art-of-Healing Interviews: A collection of Interviews  give insight into the history of Australia’s relationship with East Timor. The first six are part of an Interview series with last surviving criado Snr. Rufino Alves. Recollections-of-CriadoJapanese Invasion Ep 2Buffalo-Shooting-Ep-3Buffalo-Shooting-Ep-3.2Thy-Wish-Ep-4.1The-Raid-on-Dili-Ep-4.2Hangover-1-copyFelix-Adriano Timor: A collection of videos in which Timorese people express their feelings and thoughts through performance: drama, song and dance in the first year of their recovery after the ballot of August 20th, 1999. Drama Performance

Music: Sung for the camera or in public for events and muxes sent in response