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Seeking the Light

The 'Letter to Suai' written by Jen Hughes serves as an introduction to this series of videos documenting the 9th Anniversary of the Santa Cruz Massacre, as well as a potted history of the activism of residents in Port Phillip whose solidarity with East Timor has impacted on their history. Clicking on 'Letter to Suai' will take you to the introduction that was written to friends in Suai, many of who will only get to see this footage for the first time. This re-enactment of the Santa Cruz Massacre that  took place on the the 12th November 2000 tells a very clear story of the impact of that horrendous day on the youth of East Timor and how they feel now. The title 'Seeking the Light' is taken from the drama written by the drama group shown here.
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Episode 3 & 4

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