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A collection of video excerpts facilitating the voices of Timorese people expressed in the first year of their recovery after the ballot of August 20th, 1999.  In these videos Jen Hughes has served as videographer and edited the pieces as minimally as possible to preserve the self-expression of the participants who have given voice to emotions in public and written and performed songs, speeches and plays in remembrance or specifically for the camera for communication with Port Phillip community with whom, in 2000, they are beginning a friendship under the banner of the Friends of Suai.


The first in the collection (clicking on the type ‘Letter to Suai ‘ will take you to the written letter that serves as an introduction to the videos which will also be found there. Clicking on the images below will take you directly to webisodes.)

LETTER TO SUAI : ‘Seeking the Light’ Santa Cruz Cemetery November 12, 2000.

The Letter and three videos in this series, simply present raw footage of three passionate performances, two planned and one unplanned that give voice to the thoughts and feelings of East Timor’s youth and a
Timorese mother of three who died there nine years earlier. This was the first year after the Timorese voted for Independence –  the Ninth Anniversary of the Santa Cruz Massacre, Dili, November 12, 2000. The performances in these videos followed a night of reflection and prayer in front of the Gates of the Cemetery.


Whether  through music or story, the Timorese will tell you of the love of their culture and show their resilience. ( Taped in July 2000 10 months after massacre).