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Orlando Hoar Berek Boavida Martins is a master weaver from Camenasa near Suai. She weaves and makes futus regularly and teaches other young women in her family. The tais are used for ceremonial occasions such as weddings and funerals and a range of celebrations that include dance. They are so intricate and take so long to make it is only possible to buy tais by ordering in advance, because the tais on hand are needed for these occasions. Her work was hailed for its uniqueness and beauty by visitors to the Tais Exhibition and Forum held in St Kilda Town Hall in September 2008.

For an Introduction to the traditional cloth of Timor known as the Tais see ‘Introducing the Tais.’


Inveolata Maria is Chamot’s sister and the daughter of Orlando. Inveolata weaves daily alongside her mother and is learning the craft from her. The tais on the loom in the photograph is a Tais Feto that features the pattern that signifies it is from her village.