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There are artistically talented youth in Suai in need of materials and access to education in the arts to rebuild their community. Students participating in a media workshop in 2008, revealed that prior to 1999 Cova Lima Suai was a town of arts known as Suai Cidade Arte. In their story the students bemoan the fact that during the 1999 violence everything was looted and destroyed but there are many young people living there who are artistically talented.  It is hoped that artists, musicians  and writers of all kinds in Port Phillip and elsewhere will take the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange. More about reasons and rationale for the cultural section of Suai Media Space.

Cultural exchange is being facilitated to provide some access to those outside East Timor, especially for the people of Port Phillip,  to cultural and artistic expressions of various kinds to enhance knowledge and understanding in the friendship. More about the expose of Timorese culture.