This page features and celebrates work achieved using electronic media within YoMaTre Workshops.

2006 (Feb) Video Workshop with Jen Hughes and Ergilio Vicente translating: a group of 11 were divided into three groups and with very limited time they were given introductions to the video camera, scriptwriting and editing, and in two weeks they  came up with two documentaries and a short drama and burned them on to CD.

Click on the images below to see the videos made by three teams.


2008 Digital Writing Workshops:  with Jen Hughes & Annie Sloman

With prospects of Broadband coming to Suai and Suai Media Space to author with stories using photography, video and text the workshop participants were keen to learn. In three weeks four teams each wrote a story with accompanying photographs and made a short video.

The teams were invited to choose their own topics. They came up with stories about traditional architecture, weaving, food and building a future for Suai as an artistic centre.

Links to English translations of these stories are at the top of the Tetun stories.


2008 Video Workshop with Jen Hughes & Annie Sloman

The comic videos below came out of a need to find a playful and accessible practical exercise  that would engage the students and develop skills in story telling with movement and sound.  With more still cameras than video cameras and plenty of copyright free music we decided to get the students to make a digital animation and try and cut it to their choice of music in iMovie,  consumer level editing software. This is the result.

2009 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Richard Jones