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Links to work of Jen Hughes documentary-maker and writer: Suai Media Space. Jen Hughes first began documenting the story of the friends of Suai in 2000 and www.crimsonthreads.org  was the first website. The social network set up for Suai Media Space can be found at suaimediaspace.ning.com YouTube (suaimediaspace) Help with Tetum and English Ex-Patriot of Suai,  Alarico da Sena, now of Perth, has set up www.ramelau.com which provides resources on East Timor Government, East Timor Politics and East Timor History. On this link you will also find free Tetum lessons. that over one hundred people per day avail themselves of. http://baneebe.blogspot.com/2008/03/tetum-spell-checker-for-ms-word.html Youth Media Curriculum for teaching Video and Audio Production (English) http://www.bavc.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=588&Itemid=1089 Popular Timorese Band Galaxy http://www.myspace.com/galaxytimor friends of suai Pt Phillip Council site portphillip.vic.gov.au/friendsofsuai.html Pt Phillip Artist Sites ilovestkilda.julieshiels.com.au/ East Timor Information sites www.etan.org timorwomen www.alolafoundation.org www.artemoris.tp/gallery.html http://www.laohamutuk.org/ Articles Clinton Fernandes article on Justice and Impunity in Indonesia and East Timor Timor images from 1974-75. A post featuring the work of professional photographer Oliver Strewe who was in Timor in April-May 1975. Hoping this to be one of a series of posts on other photographers which might, in turn, become of interest to those seeking a guide to available images for publications, seminars etc. Books on East Timor Email orders: aetamel@aetamel.org or contact John Sinnott Phone 61 3 94162960 Community Groups G.O.A.L. Giving Opportunities for an Adequate Life www.vegout.asn.au http://www.villagechief.com/