English teachers to go to Suai 2009

Five English Language teachers for Suai 2009

Five English Language teachers for Suai 2009

It is with much pleasure and excitement that the Friends of Suai announce the team of Volunteers who will conduct the pilot Intensive English Language Program in Suai, Timor Leste in September 2009. Congratulations to our team members: Jenny Green, Jennifer Jaensch Desleigh Kent, Helen Nankervis and Barbara Selvay. The friends of Suai would like to thank all those who indicated their interest in joining the team this year. The standard of applications was impressive as was the willingness of people to fund their own participation. Other ways of helping: English Language text books and dictionaries There is a need for appropriate teaching resources or class sets to be sent to Suai teachers. Can you help? Talk to Pat if you think you can help in some way. Hosting a homestay for Timor English language students at Taylors College. Starting September 2009 for 20 weeks or part thereof, there are 7 students from various organisations in Timor. The have a rent allowance for homestay. If you would like to remain on the occasional email group for Friends of Suai? Let Pat know: pjessen@portphillip.vic.gov.au .

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