Shirley Shackleton nominated for Citizen of the Year

hirley Shackleton will front up to the St Kilda Town Hall tonight to see if the Citizen of the Year Committee of the Port Phillip Council considers thirty-five years of activism to help the Timorese escape death and oppression and hold our governments accountable for their role in East Timor’s oppression, is worthy of honouring her as Port Phillip Citizen of the Year. She is up against stiff competition in the form of Father Bob Maguire a popular local identity who is almost as outspoken and blunt as Shirley. Father Bob is a local parish priest in South Melbourne who is a friend of Shirley’s. Shirley told me last night at the Australia East Timor Association Independence Dinner that she has given three sermons in Father Bob’s church over the years. Father Bob reached national audiences in Australia through John Safran’s television series and now on Triple J’s Sunday Night Safran on religion politics and Hoochies!

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