Pat Jessen visits Suai with Mayor

Co-ordinator of the Friends of Suai Pat Jessen, left Melbourne last weekend with the Chairman Bill Armstrong, to prepare for the visit of Port Phillip Mayor Rachel Powning.

They will be there for the Independence Day Festivities and report that Alberto Barros the Co-ordinator of the Community Centre has organised festivities at the community centre on Saturday with a visit to the sub district of Fohoren to see Sr. Helen Nolen for lunch and visit to the schools and health centre.

Pat also reported that the Fountain Gate School has donated library shelves and Suai resident Joni Chung, who is currently living in Melbourne has organised them for shipment with Rotary.

Pat is going to screen the installation videos ‘Unforgettable Selections from a Friendship’ exhibited in the ‘Connections Across the Timor Sea Exhibition’ in 2010 in the St Kilda Town Hall Gallery. Director and Editor of Suai Media Space and the installation, yours truly Jen Hughes will upload the videos on Suai Media Space for you to enjoy.

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