Pat Walsh on Justice

Long-time activist who has worn many many hats to assist East Timor gain independence and recover following the ballot in 1999, Pat Walsh was the Special Advisor to the Commission for Reception,, Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-lest (CAVR).

Now Pat has put together an exhibition of his personal photographs for an exhibition and is giving a a talk on his time in Timor-Lest and in particular, the options for achieving justice, twelve years on from the 30th August, 1999 Referendum.  the talk will be  held at 7.30 pm on thursday 1 September at the Brunswick Library in Melbourne. The exhibition of photographs will be on display in the Library foyer from 22 August to 5 September (including weekends).

There will also be a display of reports and other material published by the CAVR in the Library Reading Room.

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