Aust. media reports Ramos Horta unlikely to seek re-election

January 18th, 2011 jen Posted in Australian Media Reports, Friends of Suai News, Horta unlikely to seek re-election 1 Comment »

The Sydney Morning Herald reported in breaking news today that Horta is sussing out how the younger generation feel about taking up the reins in East Timor.  The article is confusing in some ways because while he is reported as saying he wants to step aside to leave room for the younger generation he is quoted as saying he “doesn’t see an obvious leader now”. Whether he is more interested in quelling the idea that the older generation isn’t keen to move aside or eliciting interest from the younger generation remains to be seen. Perhaps he is keen but feels there isn’t anybody ready as he offers to play the role of mentor to up and coming politicians. Despite the fact there has been peace in East Timor for over four years now the Australian paper still alludes to possible instability if there is change.  You can read more about it here.

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