Weaving Exhibition and Forum 2008

In 2008 the Friends of Suai partnered with the Alola Foundation the East Timor Womens' Association and others to organise an extensive exhibition of Timorese woven cloth the Tais. The aim of the exhibition and forum was to extend the knowledge of the people of Port Phillip and other audiences about Timorese culture and to support the women of East Timor. Dr Sara Niner who curated the exhibition has worked extensively with the Alola Foundation and conducted research about the tais in consultation with Timorese weavers and Timorese educator Ms Ofelia Neves Napoleao who has travelled East Timor extensively conducting her own research talking to weavers. More about the Exhibition and Forum as well as an extensive article about the Tais can be seen here in the traditional culture section of this website. or by clicking on the images below. .

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4 Responses to “Weaving Exhibition and Forum 2008”

  1. Dear Jen
    This is a fantastic record of the exhibition and forum so thanks you for all your work.

    I soon hope to have the full exhibition up as a virtual one at the Alola Foundation website and also have a published version of the outcomes of the forum. I’ll let you know.

    best wishes and deep appreciation
    Dr Sara Niner, Post-doctoral Fellow, Monash University,
    Email: Sara.Niner@arts.monash.edu.au

  2. Hi Sara,
    By the full exhibition I think you mean the Alola Collection don’t you?
    I am in the process of making a soundscape for visitors to listen to while they read this article and view the exhibition. Then eventually we will put up some footage of weavers at work and an interview with you at the Forum.
    When you let your friends know about the article can you remind them to use the RSS Feed and Bookmark it in their favourite Bookmark website? If you don’t have one you can use the Google or Delicious buttons at the bottom of the article
    cheers, Jen

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