New Library for Suai

Greetings to all of you gathered today at the Suai Public Secondary School and to all teachers and learners in Suai.

Remember this Image? School Library comes to Fruition.

Remember this Image? School Library comes to Fruition.

On this very special day in the life of your community, the opening of the new library we send you good wishes and warm regards from Friends of Suai - a small group linked with the Port Phillip Council in Melbourne, Australia. The funds necessary for refurbishing the library were raised by Friends of Suai and substantial contributions were made by the Rotary Club of Balwyn Victoria, and Tanya Esden who worked on the community water project in Suai as well the residents of Port Phillip. Today is just a beginning and our hope is that gradually this new library room will be stocked with a wide variety of books, DVDs and CD's in ALL the main working languages of Timor Leste. Perhaps one day, the wider community of Suai, old and young will be able to share in this wealth. BILL ARMSTRONG (Chairman) FOR THE FRIENDS OF SUAI COMMITTEE

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