School Library training with Port Phillip volunteers

February 4th, 2011 jen Posted in Friends of Suai News, Library Project, Library Training Feb 2011, Library training for Suai Comments Off on School Library training with Port Phillip volunteers

500 books given to the Suai Secondary School have already arrived in Suai for the school library. The library, that was funded by the Friends of Suai and Rotary Club of Balwyn was inaugurated in 2009.¬† Friends of Suai member Desleigh Kent and retired St Kilda librarian Sandra Whitborn are leaving on Monday to set up the library and train a young man and a young woman, who can continue the work after they leave. Desleigh has been to Suai several times before to teach English as a second language to young people and some of the school’s English teachers. Jenny Green is going to Suai again to do further training with the English language teachers at the Friends of Suai Community Centre. This will be the first trip for Sandra. Two library technicians were being trained for the new library in 2009. For photos and previous articles about the Library Project.

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Port Phillip Librarian goes to Suai

January 17th, 2011 jen Posted in Library Project, Library training for Suai Comments Off on Port Phillip Librarian goes to Suai

In February 2011, next month, a Port Phillip Librarian will go to Suai to give some training in Library management and cataloging. She will be assisted by Desleigh Kent who has been to Suai before teaching English as a second language.

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Two Library Technicians for Suai

January 17th, 2011 jen Posted in New Library Technicians for Suai Comments Off on Two Library Technicians for Suai


Two library technicians are being trained for the new library at the Suai Secondary School & funded by FOS donors and Rotary Club of Balwyn.

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Photographs of Inauguration

July 31st, 2009 jen Posted in Education, Friends of Suai News, Library Inauguration, Library Project, New Library for Suai 2 Comments »

Photographs of the new library  for the Suai Secondary School, funded by Port Phillip residents through the Friends of Suai, was opened by Snr Virgillio Smith from the Department of Culture in Dili early this month.

The Friends of Suai is assisting with the acquisition of good books in the 4 main languages of Timor Leste through community donations to fill the shelves.

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New Library for Suai

July 5th, 2009 jen Posted in 2009 In Suai, Education, Events, Library Project Comments Off on New Library for Suai

Greetings to all of you gathered today at the Suai Public Secondary School and to all teachers and learners in Suai.

Remember this Image? School Library comes to Fruition.

Remember this Image? School Library comes to Fruition.

On this very special day in the life of your community, the opening of the new library we send you good wishes and warm regards from Friends of Suai – a small group linked with the Port Phillip Council in Melbourne, Australia.

The funds necessary for refurbishing the library were raised by Friends of Suai and substantial contributions were made by the Rotary Club of Balwyn Victoria, and Tanya Esden who worked on the community water project in Suai as well the residents of Port Phillip.

Today is just a beginning and our hope is that gradually this new library room will be stocked with a wide variety of books, DVDs and CD’s in ALL the main working languages of Timor Leste.

Perhaps one day, the wider community of Suai, old and young will be able to share in this wealth.


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Booksale to Fund Suai Library –

May 22nd, 2008 jen Posted in Booksale to fund new library 2008, Friends of Suai News, Library Project Comments Off on Booksale to Fund Suai Library –

Pat Posing for Suai :)


2-6pm Wed. May 28th – St Kilda Library

Pat Jessen, Co-ordinator of the friends of Suai has been working hard on many fronts. She and Desleigh of the Friends of Suai Committee are travelling to Suai at the same time as me and that always means a massive amount of organising and consultation. This time it’s more work because Pat’s February trip was cancelled when the news arrived in Darwin while she was there, that Horta had been shot. Pat was advised by our friends to postpone her trip until security stabilised.

Publicity is just one of the millions of things Pat does in her time off for Suai. The good news for Suai is the Friends of Suai have agreed to raise $60,000 for a library for the school in Suai . Most of the kids still don’t get near a book and the teachers are desperate so – YayH! So get along and save the world by buying re-cycled books and help the kids of East Timor at the same time by directing the money to books for them. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest single project funded by FOS and it reflects over seven years of work establishing a good working relationship with a team of colleagues in Suai who prioritise their community’s needs. This has come a long way since the first initiative the Truckloads of East Timor Campaign when energy from the Pt Phillip Community was in surplus without a considered means of distribution. (Doco to be posted before the end of the year.) Now the energy needs to be re-ignited because the means of consultation and distribution are in place.

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