Broadband arrives in Suai

The long-promised, long awaited, 9 year dream has come true.

dear….Thanks to everyone..
I’m sending this email to you all from my own desk at the youth centre office. today, our internet already on…

“ and tomorrow so busy reorganize the place and removing the things, repainting all building with our volunteers. Erna and Jaimitu filming all the processes of installation as you remaind me..

when we go for skype..??


egy “

Sweeter words have never been heard – well maybe that’s an exaggeration but it is very good news, that Broadband access has arrived at the community level in Suai. This letter arrived from Ergilio Vicente the Co-ordinator of the Covalima Youth Centre recently. No longer the long queues at Timor Telecom that cost a fortune and fail! No more getting on the motor bike or into the car or walking up the hill and down and back again, Egy can email as he said in the subject heading of this email “from my desk”!

We look forward to seeing the photographs soon.

Thanks to Emanuel Braz and all at the International Centre for Journalism and the Friends of Suai who have helped make this dream come true. ( I hear USAID paid for it.)

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