Association of English Teachers Forms in Covalima

5-teachers-on-blk150x150ASSOCIATION OF ENGLISH TEACHERS FORMS: Friends of Suai volunteer teachers have been training English language teachers from the Cova Lima secondary and pre-secondary schools for the past four weeks. Port Phillip residents and ESL teachers, Desleigh Kent and Jenny Jaensch together with Jenny Green, Barbara Selvay, Helen Nankervis will conclude classes today. Pat Jessen spoke briefly with Simao, Co-ordinator in Suai, this morning. Simao and the Timor English teachers were preparing for the last class and a celebratory lunch at the school which was being prepared by his wife Palmira and friends. District Education Department representatives will also attend the celebration.
It sounds like there is much to celebrate. Simao was thrilled about the establishment of an Association of English Teachers in Covalima which is planned to meet each Saturday to further their English Language development.

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4 Responses to “Association of English Teachers Forms in Covalima”

  1. Congratulations teachers! I know how much your efforts will have been appreciated. I am sure also that you have also benefitted from yur time in Suai. Looks like winners all round!

  2. Hello to all of you, hope you have had a safe journey back home.
    We would like to say that it was a pleasure to know such beautiful people as all of you showed us that still exist.
    It was a wonderful job in a few weeks that we´ve made here, and achieved great improvements from your students.
    We would love to see you again. Thank you very much for all the moments that we´re able to spent together.

    Wish you the best, keep in touch

    Portuguese Teachers Ana and Dina

  3. Ana e Dina,
    Most of us are back in Melbourne and shivering.
    thinking of you two and hopefully others from Portugal who have arrived to take up the next teaching of the teachers in Covalima.
    The friendship we made with you in the past weeks was wonderful in many ways; the meals we shared, the thoughts about teaching methods, the students who studied with both of us, your cakes!
    I hope that the next 3 months of teaching will be as much fun for you as it was for us.
    Remember us to any students who were with us and who are now with you.
    We were all delighted that you were able to come and share the final day and meal with the English teachers and students and that we will be able to maintain our contact with you both.
    Until we meet again…

  4. Ana e Dina, this is jen hughes documentary-maker and editor of suai media space. If there is any chance you would have time to introduce one or two of your English and Portuguese students/teachers to this way of communicating with us in Port Phillip I would be very grateful. Hopefully, then they might show others and we can get the people in the two communities communicating.