New Release a book by resistance fighter Naldo Rei

May 22nd, 2008 jen Posted in Events, Friends of Suai News, Naldo Rei - Book Launch, News from Port Phillip Comments Off on New Release a book by resistance fighter Naldo Rei

Naldo Rei was born in the jungle and born into the struggle for independence of East Timor. Naldo Rei has suffered more adversity in his life than the Kennedy Family - (so much in the news at the moment with Ted Kennedy's brain tumour) will ever know. Naldo Rei speaks for the "voiceless people" of his country, and one gets the feeling he is speaking for the voiceless rocks and trees, and the very land of the Timor he loves so much; because that sustained him through months and years of loneliness, torture and despair.  This memoir of courage and tragedy is written with poetic grace and humour. Very gently reminding us what was happening to him and his family while we were filling up at the bowser for another day at the beach in sunny Australia and sunny America. It may seem crass to compare the sad news in this way, but sometimes we need reminding why the Timorese are poor and why they continue to suffer. Naldo's daily life from birth was spent in the daily grind of surviving in his own country abused by a brutal regime. He was born into the fall-out from the politically expedient policies of our Government and our ally the United States. Unless we understand this we cannot understand how Australian identity is viewed by some of our friends and neighbours. Read it, share it with a friend and buy it for a Timorese friend.
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