Maliana Womens’ Exchange – Pat Jessen

This was a very special event.  The Women’s Project of the Covalima Community Centre together with  Alberto dos Barros, Co-ordinator of the Friends of Suai in Suai, took some 30 women from Suai to share information and ideas with other women’s groups in Maliana. (It’s rare for people to travel between districts in the poorer rural areas). Maliana is North of Suai (map) and North-West of Bobonaro in the Bobonaro district. The community centre car and the youth centre car, both donated by Friends of Suai and Rotary, were used to take women from Suai. This was an exciting  learning and sharing event for the participants. 

In Maliana they saw the making of a fuel efficient stove made from local clay, the making of Banana chips, local pesticide production among other things.To visit one of the projects, the road to was a mess but the women decided they wanted to go regardless. They walked 16 kilometres to visit this village.

The slideshow provides a small insight into the process and people involved.

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