Suai Art City

Tetun version: Suai Cidade Arte During the time of the Indonesian occupation, Suai was really a town of arts. But since Timor became independent, Suai is no longer as it used to be because of the 1999 violence, during which everything was looted and destroyed. The destruction included many things that relate to works of art. Now there are many young people who are artistically talented. The idea of rebuilding Suai as it once was before the destruction will take a long time. A young man by the name Albino Gusmao now is a teacher teaching at Escola Primaria Ladi Suai (Primary School Lady in Suai). He is artistically gifted. Returning home from school, he does not forget to divide his time for painting or to develop his artistic talent and skill. Almeida Gusmoa lives in Suai-Debos. One of his pupils is also artistically talented. At the moment he is finishing his schooling at Pre Secundaria de Ladi (Pre-Secondary School in Ladi). In 2005, he participated in the painting competition in Japan, representing Timor Leste. There were artists from 25 countries who participated in the competition. In this competition Almeida Gusmao won the second position- as the second best of all participants.

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