Suai Youth Media Group win film prize

2008 Suai Media Space received news from Ergilio Vicente - Co-ordinator of the Covalima Youth Centre today that their film "Hadame Malu Hemu We Moruk' - 'Reconciled by Drinking Sacred Water', won first prize in a film competition held as part of a recent film festival held in Dili.  The group won a video camera and a special commendation  from his Excellency President Ramos Horta. Over the past 2 days the Youth Centre has been holding a series of activities with the Pre-secondary  students and Secondary students of Covalima.  In all 11 schools were in involved in the activities.  One was a Quiz contest among Pre secondary students and Secondary students drawing on the subjects of their study.and the other was a Magazine competition.  Ergilio reports Suai Media Space can expect some photographs soon and the video will be uploaded in the New Year when it arrives in Melbourne.

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