The social network was set up in late 2008 and in late 2010 Chamot uploaded a video titled ‘Just a Funny Video’ that reminds us about the language barrier between the two communities of Port Phillip and Suai.  The next video is a short traditional dance that could be compared to a martial art.

Click the images to go to the comic videos made by Suai youth in 2008. To read more about it go to workshops.

Click the images above to go to videos made by Suai youth in the first Media Workshop in February, 2006.

The filmmaker documented Timorese youth singing Foin Sae Timor in Melbourne and afteruploading it to YouTube Timorese-Canadian animator muxed it by ripping the music and adding his own images. He did theh same to Timorese band Sincustic’s song 5 Dos Orientes Timor. Click on the images to go to the videos.

Our Birth Community Suai Loro’ was made when the Timor Sea Dispute was still in play, between Australia and East Timor. The video documents the culture and life of Suai Loro, the village whose lifestyle and culture stands to be most affected if the processing of the oil and gas takes place in East Timor.