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George Milsom’s story

Port Phillip artist, Liz Milsom’s father George Milsom, served in East Timor in the 2/40th Company and Liz joined the Friends of Suai in about 2007.

George Milsom Timorese Souvenir Purse

Liz has grown up with her father’s souvenirs of East Timor and the water-colours of the architecture, country and people he painted while he was there.

Now the family connection with East Timor has been reinvigorated by Liz through her relationship with artists from East Timor and in particular Suai.

Arte Moris senior artist Natalino dos Reis Pires from Suai Loro stayed with me in St Kilda recently and found ourselves meeting Liz in a human sign on St Kilda Beach. This meeting led to us eating together and visiting the William Rickett’s sanctuary as well as the Bundoora Art Exhibition of Arte Moris.

Afterwards we visited Liz’s studio in St Kilda Bowling Club Artist Studios where Liz showed Natalino and Kiki another visiting artist (from Los Palos), some of the souvenirs, letters, photographs and artworks painted by her father. (video to come).  The young artists were thrilled to see the photographs and paintings and expressed the hope there could be an exhibition of his work in the future.  They loved the community garden of which Liz is also a member, and it was through Liz that the VegOut mob donated $2,000 towards a Permaculture garden for education in Suai.