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1975 Balibo Five

1975 is the second moment in history when the number of Australians and East Timorese to form relationships grew. Millions of words have been written and spoken about this topic in the current affairs world. Our interest is to bring you the personal stories with the little details often lost in the news or buried in personal diaries and archives. You can find brief histories and the political context through the links if you wish.

Shirley Shackleton and David Scott and Paul Stewart … more to come…

Biography of Greg Shackleton

Mean time read an article written for New Mathilda by Shirley Shackleton about the Balibo 5

and the Wikipedia entry.

For news about the Balibo 5 Inquest held in Sydney in 2007.
An article by Jill Joliffe that reports breaking news of a new witness

And news that the UK government is planning to meet the Balibo 5 relatives.

Reportage on Inquest 2007

New Story from Clinton Fernandes