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David Scott

David Scott has been a resident in Pt Phillip for many years.  He played a pivotal role in Australian activism in solidarity with  East Timor for over twenty four years. David always saw the injustice of Australia’s position, for the people of East Timor and worked for independence in solidarity with them by supporting Jose Ramos Horta and others. He initiated the backbone of the Australian movement in Melbourne: the Australian East Timor Association. David was in Dili as the Indonesians began invading in 1975.

In 2005 David published his memoirs in a book titled Last Flight Out of Dili – Memoirs of an Accidental Activist. Two chapters that are historically important to debate about the history of East Timor, the timing  and rationale for Australia being there, were not published. David has provided them to Suai Media Space and they have been translated by Alarico da Sena into Tetun.  ‘All They Got was Misery’ and ‘Japan the Reluctant Invaders.’ Tetun links: Timor-oan Hetan Terus and Japaun-relatante-Invasores.

David Scott