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Graham Pitts

Graham Pitts is a playright and resident of Port Phillip who has been involved with East Timor since 1991.  He wrote and directed the play ‘Tour of Duty’ in Theatreworks in St Kilda. in 2001. ‘Tour of Duty’ is a play about the relationship between Australians and Timorese in WW2.

Graham Pitts

This is Graham Pitts.

Xanana Gusmao and ‘Tour of Duty’ opened the Melbourne Arts Festival that year. In 2001 Graham took ‘Tour of Duty’ to the capital of East Timor Dili. ‘Tour of Duty’ was a play about the deep relationships between Australians and Timorese during world War 2 in East Timor. In particular the relationship of Australian soldiers with their criados.

Graham and Michael Coyne later published a book of photographs of East Timor.