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Jacob Rumbiak

In 1975, when Indonesia invaded East Timor, Jacob Rumbiak was a child whose life in West Papua was deeply affected by colonial politics in the form of their independence movement. By 1989 he found himself in gaol with Xanana Gusmao. Both were there because they were resisting the occupation of their land by Indonesia.

When Xanana came to Melbourne to thank us for our solidarity and canvass for help in the rebuilding of East Timor in 2000, Jacob was here, living in Pt Phillip. Jacob’s Biography.

In 1999, Jacob was under house arrest in Indonesia, when KIPER, an Indonesian democracy movement, appointed him an official observer of the referendum in East Timor. 1999 Solidarity in Viqueque

Jacob is still working for the peaceful liberation of his country from the occupation and tyranny of Indonesia with Louise Byrne a passionate worker and supporter of East Timor for 10 years.

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