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Patsy Thatcher

Patsy Thatcher is an anthropologist. Patsy interviewed all the men of the 2/2nd Company and researched World War 2 for a book about this chapter in the history of East Timor. Patsy has also extensively researched the Timorese in the diaspora in Melbourne. This photograph shows Patsy with Rufino Alves Correia and their Indonesian driver during a visit in 1981. It was Patsy who sent me in search of Rufino in 2006. Rufino, so far as we know, is the last surviving criado in East Timor. As a result of her urging I interviewed Rufino and a series of recollections have been posted. Rufino served as a servant to Tom Nisbet who served in the 2/2nd Company of the Australian Army in East Timor in 1941-42.

Patsy Thatcher