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Timor Timor Meu Berco de Inocente

I met Pedro in February 2006, many other Australians have known him for decades. This is one of the poems he gave me to publish. Simply called Portuguese Poem. We are waiting for a volunteer to translate it.

Mais que a forca humana
Contra o gigantesco
De rosario e cruz
Alicerce de Ukun Rasik An
Pela justica, direito e Democracia


Timor meu berco de incocente
Perdido na imensidao do mundo
Hoje uma Nacao Independente
A vitoria da Santa Cruz assinalado …

Rompido piela amanhecer da liberdade
Isolado piela luta a resistencia
Venceu Pois a verdade
Vitoria a Independencia
Rejeita o gigantesco agressor
Jura prometendo … Patria ou morte
O heroico FALINTIL sem idor
Venceu as certo … o forte …

Herois … insepultados saudoses
Tombados por guerre esforcada
Por vos a vitoria alcancada vitoria
A Bandeira RDTL asteada.

Por Pedro Lebre
Sacadura written in Portuguese

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7 Responses to “Timor Timor Meu Berco de Inocente”

  1. Hello!

    I can do the translation to tetum and to english…
    But are you sure the poem is ok? Because it has some words that aren’t well written, such as:

    – piela in…

    “Rompido piela amanhecer da liberdade
    Isolado piela luta a resistencia”

    – and idor in…

    “O heroico FALINTIL sem idor”

    waiting for your reply!
    i’ll start the translation anyway…

  2. Hello Sarita – this is Jen.
    Thank you for offering to translate that is fantastic. You can write it in one of these boxes and sign it as being translated by you.
    In terms of the quality of the poem – we cannot do much about that – however when you have translated others might join the conversation about the translation and from my experience this begins a very interesting dialogue. Where are you Sarita?Jen

  3. Here it goes… I hope it makes sense! It would be nice to have some feedback!!
    I’m in Portugal now, but I was working in Dili/UNTL from March to August. Ha’u nia laran monu ba Timor…

    Timor Timor há’u nia bersu inosente nian

    Liu duké ema nia forsa
    Ita haklalak tiha ona
    Kontra jigante liu
    Ita manán ho glória
    Ho tersu no krús
    Ita manán tiha ona
    Ukun Rasik An nia suporte
    Ita funda tiha ona
    Ba justisa, direitu no democrasia

    Ita hader tiha ona

    Timor, há’u nia bersu husi inosente
    Lakon iha mundu-raiklaran bobo’ot
    Ohin Nasaun Independente
    Vitoria Santa Cruz nian marka hotu ona …

    Liberdade nia rai-mutin silu tiha
    Izola an tiha ba funu, resistensia
    Verdade mak manán tebes
    Vitoria ba Independensia
    Ita Rejeita jigante mak baku
    Hotar ho promete… Nasaun ka mate
    FALINTIL Eroiku la’os moras
    Manán ona … maka’as…
    Eroi sira…la iha rate mais ema sei hanoin
    Sira monu ba funu haka’as na
    Ba imi vitoria ida deit hotu ona vitoria
    Bandeira RDTL mak hasa’e ona.

    Pedro Lebre
    Versaun Portugues 2003
    Tradusaun ba Tetum 2008: Sara Moreira (

  4. Hi Sarita,
    Thank you so much. I’ll pass this link on to a friend and ask him to give you some feedback. I can’t email him immediately as he is off-line for a while so it may take some time.
    How about trying English now? I’m looking forward to hearing it 🙂 Jen

  5. More than the human power
    You claimed
    Against the giant
    Your triumph
    From rosary and cross
    You win
    Ukun Rasik An’s foundation
    You built
    For justice, rights and democracy.

    Your awakening

    Timor, my innocence cot
    Lost in world’s greatness
    Today an Independent Nation
    With the sign of Santa Cruz’s Victory…

    Broken by the freedom’s dawn
    Isolated by the fight, the resistance
    Thus the truth won
    Victory to Independence
    Reject the giant aggressor
    Swear promising… Homeland or Death.
    Heroic FALINTIL, without pain,
    Won them for sure… Their strength…

    Heroes… ungraved wistful
    Fallen by a consuming war
    For you, the victory reachs victory
    May the RDTL flag arise

    Por Pedro Lebre
    Sacadura written in Portuguese
    Translation: Sara Moreira

  6. Hey Sarita, what a moving poem – thank you so much. Now I can include it in my October Newsletter to alert people to see this poem for the Anniversary of the SC Massacre. I have a lovely song and some picture to put up too. You can help me by using the RSS feed (if you are not already), sharing this page with friends and bookmarking it with any book marking manager. There is a button below the original post to help you do this.
    We are in the process of redesigning the site to make the navigation more obvious and the whole thing more youthful and colourful. Please keep in touch your feedback is very welcome. Jen

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