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2nd Anniversary

In 2001, together with the staff of the St Kilda Library a group of us created a remembrance event in Pt Phillip  called the Circle of Stones for the 2nd Anniversary of the Suai Church Massacre . I had made a short documentary about grief and justice filmed at the 1st Anniversary of the massacre titled the Circle of Stones which was screened at that event.

The name came from the circle of stones that grew outside Our Lady of Fatima Church where the massacre took place. It is said fifty to two hundred people died in the Suai Church Massacre including three priests, Padre Hilario, Padre Dewato and Padre Soares. Art

Many more people died in the School grounds adjacent to the church in the Unfinished Cathedral and in the surrounding districts. There are many stories to be told by the Timorese about these events as they recover.

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