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Traditional House Suai – Uma Tradisional

This is the construction Senor Felix Adriano variously describes in his interview on video as the Uma Tradisionale (Traditional House), the Salon Parochial (Parish Hall) and Uma Lulik (Sacred House)  in August,2000. This mix of language reflects the fact that he has built a traditional house on Church land with the help of Padre Rene Manubag, the priest in residence at that time. It is not strictly a sacred house in the traditional sense.  At the time Padre Manubag was planning to use it for community meetings and as a place to conduct training courses for local people.

It is possibly the largest traditional structure in East Timor. Situated on the grounds of the Our Lady of Fatima School  it is currently being used as a community meeting place. Video of the building of it to come.
traditional house 2000crop

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One Response to “Traditional House Suai – Uma Tradisional”

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