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Natalino Landscape

November 26th, 2009 jen Posted in Art of Natalino dos Reis Pires, Natalino Landscapes, News Comments Off on Natalino Landscape

The following slideshow contains eleven paintings of landscapes from the bright and lush representations of ‘Collection of Flowers to the most bleak in ‘Untitled’ ‘Think about the Future’and ‘Boat of Life’.

Perhaps the most interesting are ‘East Timor‘ and ‘Habelun ho Lafaek‘ that provide interesting global and mythological perspectives on the island of East Timor. (see cultural notes on crocodile myth) Once again we find women in the landscape and just one man who could be Xanana in ‘Director Liberty’ overlooking a devastated landscape covered with bodies and guns while a young man holds up the Timorese flag. Other interesting landscape works are in the Bundoora Exhibition and Paintings on Tais.

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