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Sergio nian comisaun primeiru hosi Port Phillip

September 1st, 2008 jen Posted in Commissions-Tetun, News 1 Comment »

English Version
6 Agostu 2006 Jen postar iha Arte, Arte hosi Sergio da Costa, Comisaun, Noticias 1 Comentario Editar |

‘Bush telegraph’ iha Suai sai hanesan mei (sonu) ida. Hau hanoin ami iha Suai loron ida tiha ona ba oras (quandu) Sergio mosu mai iha Centru Communidade. Nia lori pintura bot ida tebes maka nia pinta kona ba uma lulik Lautem (Los Palos) no maka nia halon/espera atu faan. Pintura nee naruk meter ida no luan centi-meter 75. Ami hakara liu kultura tradisional Covalima. Lautem dook liu iha loro sae hosi Timor Loro Sae, iha “lafaek nian ulun besik’ ou iha ita nia ‘nai bei nian ulun besik’. Uma lulik Lautem dadi tiha ona simbolu Arquitetura Tradisional Timor nian no hau hanoin tan nee Sergio pinta uma lulik Lautem. Pintura nee caru liu no difisil liu atu hetan fatin bodik tara nian iha uma laran tan nia bot tebes. Ferik Desleigh Kent hosi Belun Suai, maka mos iha Suai durante nee, hasai tiha ona foto ida kona ba pintura nee no ba pintura seluk sira maka rai iha pinta bot nee nian ohak.

[Nota: Clicar ba retratu ida bodik halo mosu sai “gallery”, hotu tiha dada tetek gallery usa butan ‘Next’ no ‘Back’ besik iha leten karuk no kwana]

Maibe Mana Pat Jessen horan impresaun (rasa kagum) tebes ba Sergio nian pintura sira. Tan nee Pat fo commisaun ba Sergio atu halu pintura ida kona ba ema katuas ida kaer manu aman hanesan mosu sai iha pintura uma lulik Lautem nee nian oin (latar muka).

Mana Pat Jessen (Coordenadora Belun Suai nian hosi Port Phillip), Simao Barreto (Coordenador Belun Suai nian hosi Suai) halo tradusaun bodik Sergio (latar muka/primeiru planu no nian belun)
Mana Pat halo discusaun kona ba nian comisaun no husu Sergio atu bele halo pintura kiik hira kona ba juventudu Suai bodik demonstrasaun ba loron exposisaun iha St Kilda. Mana Pat mos husu ba Sergio atu fo aula balu kona ba arte nian bodik juventudu seluk sira iha Suai.

Kraik nee: Sergio halo pintura kona ba Mana Pat nian comisaun (Retratu maka membru YoMaTre hasai).

Mana Desleigh horan imnpressaun tebes (merasa sangat terkesan) no tan nee fo komisaun ba Sergio atau halo pintura ida ba nia nain duuk. Nia fo ba Sergio retratu hosi ema feto ferik ida ho feto nurak ida maka nia hasai tihan iha Suai Loro durante semana nee.

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Sergio’s first commissions from Port Phillip

August 6th, 2008 jen Posted in Art, Art of Sergio da Costa, Commissions, News 2 Comments »

Tetun version
The ‘bush telegraph’ in Suai works like a dream. I think we had been there a day when Sergio turned up at the Community Centre. He had with him a huge painting of a traditional house of Lautem (Los Palos) that he was hoping to sell. It was over a metre high and about .75 of a metre wide, but that wasn’t the reason none of us bought it. We are more interested in the traditional culture of Cova Lima. Lautem is in the far East of East Timor in the “head of the crocodile” if you like. The traditional house of Lautem has become an international symbol of Traditional Timorese Architecture and I guessed that is why Sergio painted that particular style. The fact that it was so big also made it more expensive and more difficult to find a place for it in ones home. This is a photo of it taken by Desleigh Kent ( from the Friends of Suai), who was there, with some other paintings he brought sitting over the base of it.

[Note: Click on a photo to get the ‘gallery’ to pop up then scroll through the gallery using the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons near the top on the sides.]


Pat Jessen was impressed by his work however and commissioned him to do a painting of an old man holding a rooster as it was depicted in the foreground of the Lautem painting.


Pat Jessen (‘Friends of Suai’ Co-ordinator Pt Phillip), Simao Barretto (‘Friends of Suai Co-ordinator’ in Suai) translating for Sergio (foreground and his friend).

Pat is discussing her commission and asking Sergio of he would do some small portraits of Suai youth for an exhibition to be held in St Kilda and run some art classes for other young people in Suai.

Below: Sergio working on Pat’s commission. (Photograph by YoMaTre members)



The finished painting.
Desleigh was impressed and commissioned one for herself. She gave sergio a photograph of an old woman with a young woman she had taken in Suai Loro that week.
des-pat-annie.jpg desleighs-painting.jpg

Desleigh, Pat and Annie Sloman checking out the finished work.

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