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Stories from the Youth of Suai – ‘Traditional Art & Identity’

July 29th, 2008 jen Posted in Documentary Stories, News, Short Stories, Tradition Art & Identity Suai 1 Comment »

Tetun Language
‘Stories from the Youth of Suai’ were written by participants in a digital stories workshop held in the Suai Youth Centre in June 2008 in response to a request for stories that symbolise Suai for the Pt Phillip community and the international audience that visits suaimediaspace. The eleven participants had just completed a five day workshop, that for many represented their first encounter with computers, when they were thrown into discussions about symbolism, local and international audiences and asked to write some stories and take the photographs to accompany them for this website.

The students were all aged between about 18 and their early twenties and there was a restlessness towards the end of the second week due to the fact that the students expected a ‘media workshop’ would involve video cameras and editing software. The third week therefore was dedicated to a simple animation workshop in which the students photographed each other and themselves with mobile phones and digital cameras and animated them to music in iMovie. The result is the collection of Comic Videos.

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