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Fila Mai Orain – Come Back To Your Country

May 25th, 2010 jen Posted in 1999, Music, Music and Sound, News, Remembrance, Video Archive 7 Comments »

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A unique glimpse of a young teenager (Armindo), telling his story in song – accompanying himself on a beautiful little home made ukelele.  Recorded  by the documentary-maker 7 months after the Suai Church Massacre on the verandah of a house rehabilitated for the use of Timor Aid.

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The Circle of Stones Uploaded at last!

November 20th, 2008 jen Posted in 1999, News, The Circle of Stones Video 2 Comments »

The Circle of Stones the short film (11mins) has been uploaded on to Suai Media Space. Written and Directed by Jen Hughes and Filomena dos Reis. Edited by Rosie Jones

The Circle of Stones documents the story the Suai Church Massacre. The film intercuts a  re-enactment of the massacre, written and directed by Filomena dos Reis for a performance held on the First Anniversary, with the grieving around the circle of stones and the Catholic Mass. In this way the film has been given an intimate and emotional dramatic tension rarely seen in a short documentary. Controversial because of its intimate shots of the women grieving and its emotional character, the critics couldn’t know that the footage was made possible by the deliberate actions of those women who pulled the filmmaker into the circle so that their story would be told to the world. As Melbourne writer and film critic Felicity Collins commented:

“…. The circle of stones shows us the face of grief, in particular it shows us the faces of women taking on the public role of mourning with their bodies and their voices. . The film’s quiet focus on the intense expression of collective grief reminds us that remembering the past through mourning is a way of making history and that women play a key role in this process.”

In 2002, with the help of ETAN Filomena took the film on a tour of the United States and screened it for the U.S. Congress.  According to Filomena, she thanked the Congress members for their time, and asked their indulgence to watch the film she brought with her. As the video player began she turned her back and left some of the most powerful people in the world to watch this simple plea for justice.  Among the audience who saw the film were Hilary Clinton and Condaleeza Rice. According to Filomena, with tears in her eyes Ms Clinton bent forward to whisper in her ear ” I cannot promise, but we will see what we can do”. We are still waiting Ms Clinton.

Made purely as an act of friendship for the people of Suai this little film has done some good work, now it can continue via this website.

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9th Anniversary Suai Church Massacre – The Circle of Stones video

September 5th, 2008 jen Posted in 1999, Dance, News, Traditional Culture Comments Off on 9th Anniversary Suai Church Massacre – The Circle of Stones video

Today and tomorrow mark the Ninth Anniversary of the Suai Church Massacre in which over 50 people were killed in Our Lady of Fatima Church in Suai, while up to 200 are said to have died in the Church grounds and the Unfinished Cathedral.

A call for justice the film intercuts the re-enactment of the massacre with the ceremony around the Circle of Stones that grew outside the Church, that marks the place where the bodies of those killed were burned by the militia afterwards.

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Graffiti Suai July 2000

August 8th, 2008 jen Posted in 1999, Graffiti & Public Art, Graffiti July 2000 Comments Off on Graffiti Suai July 2000

I video-taped this graffiti in July 2000 which was 11 months after the massacres that forced the whole population of Suai to flee to the hills in September 1999. I will post a video asap.

[Note: Click on a photo to get the ‘gallery’ to pop up then scroll through the gallery using the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons near the top on the sides.]

This graffiti is all written in Indonesian – whereas now (2008) it is mostly in Tetun or Portuguese reflecting the real changes in the language being used daily and to whom the graffiti artists are addressing their comments.

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